About This Site

Hiya! This site is dedicated to lyrics of Asian artists! We will only be posting the romanizations of lyrics to help us keep updated! (It is time consuming to add the symbols & translations and code those as well)

Bri is the owner/founder of the site, and although she doesn’t post anymore (she works at ColorCodedHeaven) she does check the blogs daily to see what’s posted, if anyone’s commented, and checks the stats!
Top Five Boy Groups: Super Junior & INFINITE, BTS, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, GOT7 & VIXX… UP10TION.. NCT…. B.A.P… (I’m K-pop trash okay xD)
Top Five Girl Groups: Girls’ Generation, GFRIEND, TWICE, I.O.I, AOA, Red Velvet, Lovelyz…

Eun Mi is the only active admin currently, and takes pride in her work! She’s a native Korean so working here is pretty advantageous for her!
Top Five Boy Groups: Super Junior, BTS, INFINITE, VIXX, GOT7 & 2PM
Top Five Girl Groups: Red Velvet, f(x), Girls’ Generation, Nine Muses, After School


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