Oh My Girl (오마이걸)

Oh My Girl (오마이걸)
Company: WM Entertainment
Debut Date: April 20, 2015
Fandom Name: Miracle
Fandom Color: N/A

Choi Hyojung (최효정)
Stage Name: Hyojung (효정)
Birthday: July 28, 1994 (Age 23)
International Age: 22
Position: Leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer


Shin Hyejin (시희진)
Stage Name: JinE (진이)
Birthday: January 22, 1995 (Age 22)
International Age: 21
Position: Vocalist

Kim Mihyun (김미현)
Stage Name: Mimi (미미)
Birthday: May 1, 1995 (Age 22)
International Age: 21
Position: Main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist

Yoo Shiah (유시아)
Stage Name: YooA (유아)
Birthday: September 17, 1995 (Age 22)
International Age: 21
Position: Main dancer, vocalist, face of the group

Hyun Seunghee (현승희)
Stage Name: Seunghee (승희)
Birthday: January 25, 1996 (Age 22)
International Age: 21
Position: Main vocalist

Kim Jiho (김지호)
Stage Name: Jiho (지호)
Birthday: April 4, 1997 (Age 21)
International Age: 20
Position: Vocalist, visual

Bae Yubin (배유빈)
Stage Name: Binnie (비니)
Birthday: September 9, 1997 (Age 20)
International Age: 19
Position: Vocalist

Choi Yewon (최예원)
Stage Name: Arin (아린)
Birthday: June 18, 1999 (Age 18)
International Age: 17
Position: Vocalist, maknae